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Forever Warranty


We understand the hardest part of owning earphone is the fear that they might get lost, damaged, or stolen.

In order to provide a better experience for all our customers we decided equip each earphone purchase with a forever warranty.


Forever Warranty

Our forever warranty comes free with each purchase and makes it extremely convenient to receive replacements for your lost, damaged, defective, or stolen Nobodyaudio.

Warranty Option 1: Send us back your damaged or defective pair of earphone and make a $20 claim fee payment and we will ship you a brand new replacement. 

Warranty Option 2: If you are unable to send back your existing pair or would prefer to keep them send us a claim fee payment of $25 and we will send you a brand new replacement.

The fee price includes the shipping cost, insurance, stocking cost, payment processing, and taxes.

Please Note: The Nobodyaudio claim fees are $10-$15 extra furthermore Nobodyaudio does not cover any return shipping costs.

With our forever warranty you can make unlimited replacement or exchange requests for products of equal or lesser value. The warranty must be renewed each year in order to continue receiving replacements. To renew your warranty you simple have to purchase any product at full price once a year to receive warranty coverage for the year on that product.


The forever warranty allows for UNLIMITED yearly replacements/exchanges.


Our goal is to continue to innovate and provide the best products and service to our customers.

"The Fine Print" - For our protection in managing such a strong warranty program, we have to include these necessary terms: qualification for this coverage is at Nobodyaudio sole discretion and may require pictures of and/or the actualNobodyaudio to review and approve a new pair. Nobodyaudio reserves the right to deny any request for warranty coverage or to recommend a different course of action as necessary. No discounts can be used for warranty fee payments.

^^ Aside from the legal jargon, just know we'll make our best effort to help you out!

 If you have any questions regarding our lifetime warranty program please contact us at E-mail: nobodyaudio@gmail.com